Our team

In order to successfully meet customer demands, we have a management team composed of specialists with experience in railway transport, economic and financial fields, graduates of specialized higher education institutions.

The structure of the company is of hierarchical-functional type, so that at each hierarchical level, tasks are divided by specialists, with full authority on their activity segment.

The company has trained and authorized personnel to carry out the railway transport activity, as well as all the services that are requested by our customers.

Nicolae Alexandru – Chairman of The Board of Directors

E-mail: nicolae.alexandru@ansett-logistics.ro

Eva Melichercikova – Managing Director

E-mail: eva.melichercikova@ansettraileurope.com

Zsuzsanna Szecsi – International Relations Manager

E-mail: zsuzsanna.szecsi@ansettraileurope.com

Ioana Avram – International Relations Manager

E-mail: ioana.avram@ansett-logistics.ro

Mihnea Constantinescu – Managing Director

E-mail: mihnea.constantinescu@ansett-logistics.ro

Marilena Neagoe – Commercial Manager

E-mail: marilena.georgescu@ansett-logistics.ro

Adrian Mihai – Head of Car Operation Service – Transport Manager

Email: adrian.mihai@ansett-logistics.ro

Oana Vasile – Financial Manager

E-mail: oana.vasile@ansett-logistics.ro

Alexandru Marin – Wagon Park Manager

E-mail: alexandru.marin@ansett-logistics.ro


Ruxandra Ciobanu – Assistant Manager

E-mail: ruxandra.ciobanu@ansett-logistics.ro


Vlad Dehelean –  Technical Manager

E-mail: vlad.dehelean@ansett-logistics.ro

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